When Rajive migrated from India to Canada more than 30 years ago, he started work literally sweeping the floors. Over his career, he worked his way up to senior management doing database marketing at a large multinational communications company in Toronto. His career path mirrors his philosophical approach to life – “be patient, work hard and work effectively to prove yourself.” 

Getting started in Canada was not easy. He could not get due credit for his graduate and post-graduate studies in India. However, he could draw on his education beyond academics. “I am fortunate that my parents taught me through books and travels. I have lived in India, Australia and Europe, and have learned from different people that though culturally different, the basic strong value of fair play is in everyone.” 

Rajive Portrait
"They listened to me, pointed me in the right direction and that is where I needed the help." — Rajive

Two years ago, Rajive moved to Waterloo Region for a fresh start. “I went to several employment agencies before I found Lutherwood,” he recalled. “I saw their sign and walked in. They listened to me, worked with my strengths and encouraged me all the way. I had to be willing to be flexible and consider different possibilities, but they pointed me in the right direction and that is where I needed the help. All I had to do was take the next steps.” 

Twice Rajive worked with Lutherwood to find work, but both times he unexpectedly had to leave to support his ailing parents in India. Now, with everything settled in India, his life is more stable and he has returned to Lutherwood’s Employment Ontario program for support in his job search. 

“I love the culture in the employment centres – compassion, understanding and support,” Rajive considered. “It does not matter who you go to, they will work to understand your needs and situation. It can be a challenge working with people – I know because I have been on the other side of the desk. But sometimes you need to motivate people to get them working for you and themselves. I have seen some people come into the employment centre ‘down on their luck’ and they leave so much more positive, which is extremely important.” 

Rajive is looking for a job that will give him satisfaction. “I am sixty and very fortunate that I will be able to live a fulfilling life with a part time job and spend the rest of my time volunteering; I just want to give back,” Rajive concluded. “I want work that at the end of the day will allow me to go home and feel good. So I turned to Lutherwood for help one more time.”