Lutherwood (2017/18) Revenue:

Ministry of Community & Social Services & Ministry of Children & Youth Services $6,878,275
Ministry of Children & Youth Services $2,086,029
Ministry of Advanced Education & Skills Development$4,792,645
Service Canada $90,763
Regional Municipality of Waterloo $3,201,946
Ministry of Health & Long Term Care$1,301,194
Ministry of the Attorney General $337,755 
Seniors' Services $7,470,733
Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation $2,078,738
Fee for Service $1,748,500
Amortization of Deferred Contributions 
Miscellaneous $701,933
Total Revenue:

Lutherwood (2017/18) Expenditures:

Salaries & Benefits$17,864,335
Cost of goods/services$556,996
Participant Costs$1,896,302
Staff Development$255,983
Building Occupancy$2,238,539
Purchased Services$2,784,632
Program Expenses$1,528,794
Professional Services$210,193
Advertising & Promotion$97,524
Office Expenses$645,052
Amortization of Capital Assets$1,229,199
Total Expenses:$30,263,984
Net Operating Results 2016/17$894,256

Lutherwood Child & Family Foundation (2017) (includes Luther Village on the Park)


Property Investment Revenue
Seniors Operations Revenue
Donations & Special Events$886,489
Interest Income$139,683
Total Revenue:$5,199,985


Grants to Lutherwood
Property Related Expenses
Salaries and benefits$949,141
Purchased & professional services$456,908
Program related costs$118,632
Advertising and public relations$65,399
Other Expenses$65,399
Total Expenses:$5,158,032
Net Operating Results 2017/18$41,953