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Pride in our Partners: Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council

Wrspc world suicide prevention day 2023

On Sunday, September 10th, people around the world will come together to connect, show support and create hope through action for World Suicide Prevention Day (WSPD). Locally, the Waterloo Region Suicide Prevention Council (WRSPC) is hosting their annual WSPD event. Join us as we dive into the details of the event and the inspiring work of the WRSPC – a community-based non-profit that has been leading the way in suicide prevention in the community for many years.

Promoting Hope, Help and Healing:

The WRSPC raises awareness and engagement of suicide prevention in the community through education, training and community initiatives to reduce suicide and its impact. Part of their work includes the distribution of resources to the community on suicide prevention and access to prevention training programs such as SafeTalk. Understanding the effect of suicide loss on a loved one, the WRSPC also provides their free “Why…Support After Suicide Loss” bereavement support group to help people in the community grieve and heal. (Learn more about their work here).

World Suicide Prevention Day: Create Hope Through Action

Since 2003, the WRSPC has hosted an annual WSPD event. The event is a welcomed opportunity to connect with others, discover support systems and learn more about suicide prevention to foster hope and healing. The free event will have an Information and Wellness Fair, a charity BBQ, family-friendly crafts, therapeutic yoga and a Butterfly Ceremony –a special moment where guests can receive a seed to plant which will grow wildflowers to attract butterflies.

Suicide is complex, and often people experiencing suicidal thoughts are dealing with tremendous emotional pain impacted by unique circumstances and risk factors that can include treatable mental illnesses, stressful life events or difficulties with coping skills. [i] But reaching out with care and kindness, expanding our understanding of suicide and promoting hope can make a difference.

We’re proud to shine a light on the work of the WRSPC in our ongoing effort to support the mental wellness of children, youth and their families in the community. Join the WRSPC on Sunday, September 10th, from 2:00 PM to 4:30 PM at the Victora Park Pavilion. Lutherwood’s Front Door and other community organizations will also be there to connect with the community and honour WSPD.

To find more details and information on the event, please visit

Remember, if you are in crisis or looking for support for yourself or your child, support is here for you.

[i] Canadian Association for Suicide Prevention [CASP]. (2021, July). WSPD Toolkit English. World Suicide Prevention Day, September 10, 2023. Retrieved September 5, 2023, from

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