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Starling Community Services.

Welcome to Lutherwood's New Website!

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Lutherwood has worked closely with Studio Locale, a local marketing and development agency, to create a clean and bright updated website full of new features.

Most notably, our updated website provides an overall improved navigation experience of Lutherwood’s Mental Health, Employment and Housing Services that are offered to our diverse community in Waterloo Region and Wellington County.

Some of our key new features include:

Better Search Capabilities:

This layout makes it easy to discover Lutherwood’s Mental Health, Employment and Housing programs, events, announcements, tips and strategies on our blogs and social media pages.

Success Stories:

There are examples of clients who had success with Lutherwood in the past. Explore more of our client success stories.

A Virtual Resource Centre for Job Seekers:

Become a registered client and enjoy the access of our database of job search resources here.

New Job Board:

Our new job board makes it easy to filter and search for jobs. Visit our new Job Board.

Employer Job Submission:

Employers can now submit job opportunities directly to our website with our Employer Submission form.

Updated Security:

There are updated security features across the website to keep your information safe.

With these new features and an overall improved navigation experience, Lutherwood’s support and programs can be discovered with more clarity to help strengthen people’s lives and meet the needs of our diverse community.
"When I look back, I realize Safe Haven is just that, a safe place where you can stop, clear your head, and figure things out. I don't know what a lot of kids would do if Safe Haven wasn't there"