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Thinking Outside The Box In Your Job Search

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When looking for work, it can be easy to feel like you are falling into a rut. Job searches can sometimes stretch out for what feels like forever. We tend to fall into a routine of surfing Indeed or our preferred job search site, sending off resumes, and checking our email inboxes for any response.

If this sounds familiar, it may be time to shake up your job search by thinking outside of the box and expanding your comfort zone!

For example, instead of spending all your time scrolling through posting after posting on Indeed, start to do some research on what companies are in your area that you may be interested in working for. There are many opportunities out there that never even make it on the job boards!

Proactively contacting a company, even if they do not have a specific posting, is a way to help you network and get a sense of what else is out there. It could be that a month later, when the company is looking to hire someone, they think of you! You can also request an informational interview with a company or individual, which is where you are meeting with someone to get more information about a specific company or role.

Another way to think outside the box is to explore alternative careers that your skills, knowledge, and experience would be beneficial in. Sometimes we find ourselves in a pattern of only applying to positions that we feel exactly line up with what we have done in the past. Your Employment Advisor can work with you to identify your specific skills and which other careers/job roles that they may align with. This will open up more opportunities for you and increase your chances of finding work.

When job searching, the key is flexibility. Be adaptable and willing to think outside the box if you are feeling stuck.

Lutherwood’s Employment Advisors are here to help guide you and encourage you to consider other options you can be doing to make your job search a success!

"Since being housed, I have been able to work towards many of my goals, I have addressed my health concerns, and I have been able to strengthen many of my relationships. I am very grateful for Lutherwood's help."