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Strengthening Relationships and Community with Newcomer Career Services

Newcomer career services

Beginning a new life in a new country undoubtedly comes with many challenges and establishing a career amongst a set of new norms is no exception. Barriers to employment can include a lack of knowledge about local labour markets, professional networks, what employers are seeking in self-marketing tools like resumes and cover letters, and what can be expected from a typical interview process.

However, if these barriers can be addressed there is opportunity for so much more. Newcomers arriving in Guelph and our growing communities benefit when there are opportunities for people to connect through their skills, knowledge, and shared passions.

Alex Zantout, Supervisor of the Newcomer Services Team at Lutherwood, once sought out Lutherwood’s Employment Services when first arriving in Canada. “I was new to Guelph. I had neither knowledge of the labour market nor connections to help me find the right job. The Newcomer Career Support Team, with their experience, armed me with all the knowledge I needed and provided me with the right networking opportunities and exposure. That helped me settle in my new community in a heartbeat.”

With Alex and the team at Lutherwood Employment Services in Guelph, opportunities for newcomers are provided in the form of targeted action plans for job searching. There is help with self-marketing development including building resumes and an online presence, interview preparation, and networking with different industry professionals. The team also provides ongoing coaching, mentorship opportunities, and additional tools and resources for newcomers.

Providing these resources can help relieve the barriers that newcomers may face when seeking employment in a new country and provide more opportunities for success when searching for a career in Canada.

In recognition of Newcomer Career Month starting in October, the Newcomer Career Services team at Lutherwood will be hosting a series of free hour-long webinars at 9:30 AM every Wednesday. Each webinar will provide insight from industry professionals from a variety of fields to help bring awareness of the opportunities and resources available to newcomers.

For more information, please visit our Newcomer Events being held this month.

"I focus on children and youth because they don't have the experience to cope with life's challenges that the rest of us do. They are our future, and I think it is important that we support them to keep their hopes and dreams alive."