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Fall Into New Job Search Routines

Fall into new job search routines employment blog lutherwood

If you’re one of the parents who is waving goodbye to your children as they welcome their first day back to school, you may be now wondering what lies ahead for your career and the routines of your family. It may take some time to transition into the new routines you need, but we’re here to share a few quick tips to use this change in season to your job search advantage:

Let your skills shine!

There are many valuable skills that come with taking a break in your career to look after children through the summer or before they’re ready to begin to look for work, so don’t forget to add that line into your resume. Adding titles such as Home Coordinator into the experience section of your resume is a wonderful way for an employer to know that they’ve received an updated copy of your resume, and to know where your focus has most recently been.

Network with people you know

Reach out for recommendations to friends and family to see if their companies are hiring to get your foot in the door. Our Employment Teams can also be great contacts at we can try to help find people to mentor you into the development of your career, or businesses who may be able to offer on-the-job-training through a supportive coaching plan.

Take time to reflect and plan

  • Do you have childcare? Will you be available to pick up or drop off the kids at school?
    This can help to ensure that you’re available for interviews, or to know how much notice you need before you can get your child registered into the before and/or after school programs that may occur at their schools.
  • Can you use this time to freeze meals or quick lunches?
    Coming home from work can be exhausting, and kids often want a snack after they spent the day busy learning and playing. So, if you can spend your downtime preparing items to quickly grab this can ensure that there are always nutritious items to keep you all well taken care of.
  • What type of job are you looking for?
    This is a suitable time to consider if it’s also right for you to look at going back to school, or if you’d like to work on any professional development options. Our Employment staff can help offer many recommendations to free resources or explore funding that may be available to help cover any costs you encounter.

You may have uncertainties in how to progress through the next steps, or the transition between each week; but don’t forget that we’re here to help!

We have a variety of services and supports available to collaborate with you through these pieces so that you can feel supported in finding and celebrating your next career move before your child gets their first report card!

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