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Approach your Job Search as a Job

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It is hard to get a job. It is stressful looking for a job. It is a big hill to climb. For most people it is not fun.

So approach your job search as a job.

  1. Develop a daily structure with routine,
  2. Build a plan with actions on how you are going to job search,
  3. Execute your daily priorities and action items,
  4. Reward yourself when you have met your daily goals

Habit stacking

“Habit stacking is a strategy to group together small changes into a routine that you follow daily”.

For example:

  • Start with developing a time based objective on how much time you want to dedicate to your job search each day and when. Be realistic and start small with a plan to increase if you need to.
  • Devote a specific physical location for your job search (in your house or somewhere public) that allows you to focus solely on the task – Job hunting
  • Develop and prioritize a plan
    • Identify your skills, what type of organization you want and your objectives. Include a list of must haves like minimum salary, location, industry, title, etc…
    • Look at jobs and organizations that fit your needs
    • Apply to less positions but do a better job of targeting and presenting yourself to the right jobs/organizations

Treat each individual new habit as a solo task to be completed before you add on the next. Small actions are easier to accomplish, motivate you when they are completed and will add up quickly to deliver your overall goal. If you treat your job search like a job then you have a job, and you will be in the work schedule routine when you start your next great opportunity.

"I taught students with special needs for a third of my career. Back then we didn't have the resources to support them. I wanted to change that. Giving back to my community through Lutherwood has been fulfilling and it has given me purpose."