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Starling Community Services.

A Second Chance

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After years of struggling with mental health, addiction and run-ins with the law, Tim was ready to get his life back on track. He had been homeless for five years when he found his way to Lutherwood’s Housing Services, where he was assigned a Service Navigator and added to the list for emergency housing. Within a few months, Tim was housed. But he would soon realize getting his life on track wouldn’t be so easy when things began to spiral and he found himself in trouble with the law again, serving time in jail. Losing hope for his recovery, Tim was thankful to learn that his worker was not going to give up on him that easily.

He was given notice that Lutherwood would continue paying his rent to ensure he had safe housing to return to. When the time came, Tim’s Housing Support Worker was ready to help not only with his housing but with many different aspects of his life. “I got a new worker from Lutherwood named Erica. She came to visit me once a week and helped me access things I needed like food hampers.” She helped Tim sign up for the Ontario Disability Support Program and even took Tim to his probation and drug rehabilitation appointments.

Erica’s commitment to supporting Tim didn’t stop there. She brought him food during his recovery from COVID-19, helped him cope with his social anxiety and ADHD and even helped him to become more involved in his community. Through the support from Lutherwood, not only with housing but with humane and genuine support to help him overcome some of the major challenges in his life, real change has been brought about for Tim. “I’m positive that without my faith and Erica’s support during this time of my life, I would not be where I am today.” Tim shared.

Tim now gives back by assisting elderly individuals in his building. He is deeply grateful to his Housing Support Worker for giving him a second chance and helping him become a productive and healthy member of the community. “I’ve finally found joy and happiness. I thank Lutherwood for all their help.”

"Our case worker was an amazing resource and HUGE help to our whole family. I truly don’t know where we’d be today without her!"