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Don’t Know What Kind of Job You Want? We Can Help!

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Dream Job 2904780 1920

If you think that you need to come into our services with all the answers, you haven’t started asking the right questions. We aren’t just here to place you in a job that we have a connection to – we are here to help you from start to finish. Each starting point of how we would help a client may look slightly different, but with active communication we can help you begin the process to defining what your career path will look like.

Some of you may have recently attended high school, you may have gone through a “Career Studies” class. The timing of this class may not have been right for you; or you may not have been in one of the cohorts that were required to take that class. Regardless, we wanted to share a few tools and strategies that can help you better understand and define what your ideal career path is:

  • Talk to friends and family for their suggestions about topics that they hear you mention frequently. From here you may want to start doing some research into sites like Job Bank Canada or Career Cruising to figure out what type of demand or educational steps you may need to take to help you get there.
  • Reach beyond the people you know to explore opportunities for internships, volunteering, job shadowing or informational interviewing. There are many ways to connect with people either through picking up the phone to try a cold call approach or by leveraging your interests to meet people via networking platforms such as LinkedIn.
  • Answer questions through one of the many free career or personality assessment tools available online such as What Career Is Right for Me?, Career Cruising, My Plan, CareerExplorer, or Myers Briggs.
Think of us providing you these tips and tools as just the tip of the iceberg for our commitment to help you. We’ll take the time to help you define your goals. We’ll be happy to work alongside you to figure out each step that goes into developing a framework for your success such as writing a resume and cover letter, helping you to source out suitable job leads, and preparing for interviews.

Book an appointment with us and get started on your career journey today!

“I am grateful to have the opportunity to work with so many dedicated, passionate, and talented individuals across our divisions during my career at Lutherwood. I am excited to continue to be a part of our evolution as an agency, ensuring we represent the community we serve and inspire hope by being a welcoming space of belonging for all.”