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How to Start Networking

Man using a computer to job search

If you don’t have a large network, it may be intimidating to figure out how to start. There are many ways to help you connect with people who share some of your interests.

1) Keep Your Ears Open - Even random conversations with strangers can lead to unexpected connections. Many clients have stories of finding a job lead from someone they met on the bus, or in line at the grocery store. This doesn’t mean you need to chat up everyone you meet, but stay open to the opportunity!

2) Don’t Be Afraid to Ask for Help - Until you put out the request for help to someone, you won’t know whether they may have tools to help you. The more people who know that you’re looking for work, the wider your reach may go. More people who are out driving, listening to the radio, or scanning the newspapers to see a prospective ad or overhear something in a conversation that they can share with you about a job that might pique your interest.

3) Take Advantage of Referral Bonuses - When you reach out to people you know, they may be able to take your resume directly to a hiring manager. Not only does that give you an instant reference, but some companies have bonuses that they give for employees who successfully refer a new employee to the company. So, although it feels like a “big ask” to make of your friends/family, it’s something that they may be willing to do happily since they’ll also get something else out of it.

4) Keep Social Media Platforms Up to Date - Social media sites liked LinkedIn help increase the exposure that you could have to headhunters or recruiters. Some employers will find candidates through online websites and portals to avoid having to put up a job posting and sift through a pile of applications. These are also helpful because it’s a great way to show off your computer skills to prospective employers and examples of your work that may attract their attention or show your prospective future for growth within a company.

As always, if you need more assistance, a great way to start your Network is to reach out to a Lutherwood staff member. We are always happy to help!

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