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Finding the Right Fit

Steve and Anna of Quarry
Steve and Anna of Quarry
Anna and Steve at Quarry

St. Jacobs-based marketing firm Quarry likes to give back. Every year they pick a charity to donate to, both as individual employees and as a company.

For close to twenty years, they donated to a single, large charity. However, with dwindling donation totals and enthusiasm, plus a rise within the company in mental health awareness, Quarry was ready to shake things up.

“I stumbled across Lutherwood and figured it may be a good fit for us,” said Anna McInnis, the Office Manager at Quarry. “We put it in a poll with two other charities, and clearly our organization agreed because it was selected as our charity of the year for 2019. It just jived and fit perfectly with our values.”

When Technical Solutions Specialist Steve heard about Quarry’s decision, it really hit home for him. His son struggled with his mental health throughout his teens, and even spent a few nights at Lutherwood’s Safe Haven Youth Services a few years back. Steve decided to share his story with his coworkers at Quarry in the hopes that it would make more of them want to get more involved with Lutherwood.

Steve And Anna Steps For Kids
Steve and Anna at Steps for Kids Champions Celebration

It worked! Some Quarry employees are now donating a portion of every paycheck directly to the Lutherwood Child and Family Foundation, Quarry donated to our annual Steps for Kids fundraiser this May, and Steve himself volunteered at the event as well as at Lutherwood’s display at the Orange Door campaign with Home Depot.

“I just wanted to be a part of it in any way I could, and it being a cause that affected me closely, it made me want to contribute even more because it directly tied to my life. I wanted to give back. I wanted to help.”

Steve and Anna both agree that a big draw of Lutherwood for them was the fact that it’s a local organization.

“People like to look at the charities they donate to and be able to know where their money is going,” said Steve. “Some other places aren’t as transparent as Lutherwood.”

“Exactly,” Anna replied “It’s so satisfying to know that because of Quarry and other businesses like us, Lutherwood’s Children’s Mental Health Centre has a music therapy program and a nurse. That is completely 100% donations.”

Quarry has even generously offered to donate some in-kind services to aid Lutherwood in its upcoming 50th Anniversary in June 2020.

Steve hopes to see the partnership go on for the foreseeable future and says he would always recommend other organizations do the same. If you or your organization would like to learn how to get involved with Lutherwood, you can email us at

“Lutherwood is so home grown,” Steve concluded. “I feel like a bigger fish in a smaller pond when I donate to them rather than a bigger charity. I can donate money, volunteer my time, meet and interact with staff and board members and I feel like I’m actually making a difference.”

Learn how you can support children, youth and families in our community through giving to Lutherwood!

"We really are fortunate. Thanks to Lutherwood, we now have a two-bedroom apartment close to the school, groceries, and bus. My son and daughter are healthy and safe, we have our pets and we are all together."