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3 Additional Housing Search Websites

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Are you actively searching for somewhere new to live but unsure of what other resources to access? It can difficult when you are accessing the same resources multiple times. Consider the following websites:

This is easy to navigate and use; start by entering the city or area you are searching to move to. It should show you a list of available rental units on the left-hand side and a map on the right-hand to indicate where the area is and what is nearby the unit. The website includes up to date listings with significant details on the place and includes contact information

This website is also easy to navigate and use; start by entering any piece of information on the screen such as the city or area you are looking to move to or how many bedrooms you are seeking. This website provides more availabilities in apartments rather than room rentals or houses. It also includes details on the availabilities, move-in dates, and contact information.

3. Facebook Marketplace

This social media website is more personalized due to requiring a Facebook account. Understandably, you may not want to join or connect with people who may have access to your profile. However, Facebook Marketplace can include listings that not everyone has access to, making your chances of finding something quicker than the general population. The online website and mobile application have designated tabs for the Marketplace, making it easy to navigate and search. Communication through Facebook is more efficient and reliable based on direct messaging.


  • Most websites include filters including price range, move-in dates, how many bedrooms, and more. Using filters can assist to narrow or generalize your search.
  • These are not guaranteed resources/websites to finding a new home. Like Kijiji, it is about taking time to look through the availabilities and being consistent in communication.
  • An external resource outside of the Internet is being a community member and social networking. By connecting with friends, family, co-workers, and general community members, it can be beneficial to finding something as well.

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