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What to Bring to a Rental Viewing

Welcome To 24
Welcome To 24

You found an apartment that you want to view, what now? Consider the information below before your next viewing:

  1. Proof of all sources of income, include CCTB (Canada Child Tax Benefit)
  2. Identification—Photo ID is preferred by most landlords
  3. Landlord Reference

Create a “Rental Application Information Package” with 5-10 copies of each of the 3 items listed above to hand out to landlords with your completed rental application. Bring a package to each viewing.

In addition, you can also bring:

  • A pen to complete applications
  • A co-signer if needed
  • A callback number where you can be reached
  • An Intent to Rent/Rental Promissory Note for the landlord to complete should they decide to rent to you during the viewing
  • A positive reason for which you are looking to secure new housing i.e.: my last place was overcrowded, I was staying with family or friends and it was time to get my own place, etc.
  • A positive attitude
  • A person to accompany you who can act as a positive reference
  • Contact info of your Housing Support, OW, and/or ODSP worker
  • A plan for paying first and last month’s rent
  • Postdated cheques

Avoid bringing:

  • Too much personal information about yourself, such as details of your credit history, stories of negative housing experiences, or current life struggles
  • Young children, if it can be avoided
  • Cigarettes, smoking/vaping paraphernalia, or clothing that smells of tobacco/marijuana
  • Evidence of pets such as pet hair or pet odours
  • People who may not make a good impression or who may have jeopardized your housing in the past

If you have any questions, please give us a call at 519-749-2450.

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