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Is a Contract a Good Choice?

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While many job seekers would prefer permanent employment, sometimes contract or temporary employment can be a good first step. Depending on your career circumstances and where you are at financially, here are some ideas to ponder:

  • Applying to contract roles may mean you’ll face less competition and once you’re inside a company, you may have exclusive access to internal, permanent postings.
  • It’s a great way to build experience – especially for students. Some educational programs have co-op opportunities to help candidates build experience. These experiences will also help confirm that this is a field of interest.
  • Meeting new people may open future doors or help you get connected to other companies down the road. You can add these contacts to LinkedIn or social media profiles to stay in touch for these recommendations.
  • People in your expanded network can also speak positively to employers in a reference check conversation or leave reviews on your LinkedIn profile that can encourage other employers to hire you down the road.
  • Hours worked on contract are eligible for Employment Insurance claims unless you’re working as a self-employed subcontractor. You can ask your employer if they’re making EI deductions on your paystub to ensure that these would count.

If that contract position doesn’t lead to you being hired, we can help you update your resume and references to continue looking for your next career opportunity!

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