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How to Increase Your Health and Safety Training

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For many years on April 28, the Ontario Workplace Safety and Insurance Board (WSIB) has asked employers and workers to spend time reflecting on those who lost their lives or those who were hurt at work.

Health and Safety should be a conversation and priority every day in the workplace. As we go through the changing seasons, it is a perfect time to connect with your teams on Health and Safety in the workplace. These conversations should go above and beyond the monthly workplace inspections that a designated staff person does in your workplace.

Do you know who is assigned to complete the monthly inspections at your workplace? If not, this is a good question to ask. It is important to ask questions and to know your rights at work. You have the right to refuse unsafe work, or to ask for more training and equipment if it will improve your ability to do a job safely. Plus, your employer cannot penalize you for sharing your concerns.

There are many ways to make sure you can stay safe at work. It is important to be aware of the procedures in place to keep you safe: taking shortcuts can make work take longer, as it could lead to an incident report.

Finally, if you are looking to show employers that you know how to work safely, complete the Ministry of Labour Health and Safety Awareness in 4 Steps Training. This is also a great certificate that you can add to your resume!

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