After working full-time for almost 34 years and co-owning a home, Angela was faced with life challenges that forced her out of her home. In urgent need of a safe place to stay and not knowing where to start, Angela accessed the shelter system in Cambridge. Even though entering the shelter was scary for Angela, she shared that “the staff there were wonderful and supportive.”

It was during her stay at the Cambridge shelter that Angela was encouraged to connect with Lutherwood Housing Services. While this was a new challenge for her, she knew that she needed to get her life back on track.

Angela met with a Service Navigator from the Prioritized Access to Housing Support Team (PATHS2Home) – which supports individuals experiencing homelessness in the Waterloo Region with a greater depth of need. She also worked with a Housing Liaison Worker who helped her search for apartments and accompanied her to viewings.

It did not take long before Angela was able to settle into a new apartment. In recalling her time with Lutherwood Housing Services she shared “I don’t think I’d have a place to call home right now if it was not for the support I received from Lutherwood’s PATHS2Home Program.”

“Angela is incredibly brave, resilient, determined, compassionate, and kind. She has an extremely positive outlook on things and her gratitude is contagious,” added her Housing Support Worker. During their time working together, Angela used her strengths to overcome many difficult situations and the Lutherwood team helped her connect with support services within the community.

“Since being housed, I have been able to work towards many of my goals, I have addressed my health concerns, and I have been able to strengthen many of my relationships,” Angela added.

Today, Angela wants to give back. She is seeking work in a field where she can help other vulnerable individuals in her community work towards positive change and brighter futures.