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Where to Find Low-Cost Household Goods for Your Home

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Have you found a new place that meets all your expectations, but it comes unfurnished or partially furnished?

Here are a few stops to make when considering some low-cost appliances and home goods:

1. Local Thrift Stores

The first and most common option is to visit your local chain thrift store. Value Village, Goodwill, and Talize all share similar thrifting experiences for low-cost home goods.

Value Village will accept donations and provide you with a 20% discount when you drop off clothing and household items. Value Village also has discount days such as 30% for seniors on Tuesdays. For more information and a location near you, visit: Savers: Second Hand Used Clothing Thrift & Vintage Store

Goodwill works similarly to Value Village where they have ongoing sales based on their tags in store such as a 50% off tag sale. They also accept donations and can even recycle old, outdated, broken, and expired items properly. Goodwill is considered a charity and any of your donations may qualify for a tax-deductible receipt. For more information and a location near you, visit: Goodwill Industries

Talize is also a non-profit thrift retailer who focus more on sustainability. Similar to Value Village, Talize will provide you with a $5 off coupon to shop when you donate. Talize works specifically with Cornerstone to Recovery, a non-profit charitable social enterprise to provide a safe path towards addiction recovery. For more information and a location near you, visit: Talize - A Sustainable Fashion & Thrift Store

2. Salvation Army

Similarly, Salvation Army is another thrift store who focus on providing clothing and household items to meet the needs of everyone free of discrimination. They take in donations as well, earning you a coupon for 20% off your next purchase at their thrift stores. The difference between Salvation Army and your local thrift stores as explained above, they are a religion-based organization that focus on assisting vulnerable populations and provides independent services aside from their thrift store. To learn more, visit: The Salvation Army in Canada OR Home - Thrift Store

3. Thrift on Kent

As most thrift stores, Thrift on Kent is also a non-profit thrift store specifically supporting Mennonite Central Committee (MCC). Similar to Goodwill and Salvation Army, Thrift on Kent has an online shopping experience in addition to their physical store in-person; their online store holds more realistic shopping standards where you can purchase with ease online. For more information or to visit in person: 50 Kent Ave Kitchener – MCC Thrift (

4. Facebook Marketplace/Kijiji

Breaking the go-to standard of thrift shopping for low-cost household goods, Facebook Marketplace and Kijiji are both reliable online shopping and communication platforms to buy, sell, or trade items. Trading may be the most sustainable source of finding low-cost items for your new home but isn’t the most popular method. Typically, both platforms need an account to communicate with buyers and sellers, but it is very effective way of finding new to rarely used household items. Visit: Kijiji in Kitchener / Waterloo. - Buy, Sell & Save with Canada's #1 Local Classifieds. Or Facebook Marketplace.

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